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Anna Grazia Colarieti-Descours  

Consultant in studies, creation and development of markets, Marketing and Innovation

Anna Grazia

Professionnal career

30 years of professional experience in Marketing and project functions in different sectors, particularly in multinationals in the food, chemical, agrochemical and hygiene / drugstore (DPH) industry.
Agro Engineer (1985)
Master in Marketing (C.E.S.M.A)

After a career in industry, where she held marketing, strategic and operational management positions, she focused on supporting companies in the process of change and started a Marketing and Development Consulting activity.
Since 2016, she has collaborated with the 3HConsulting firm for missions involving a change in the market offer, market positioning / repositioning, strategic reflection on the company's social and environmental commitment and its implications, the proximity of the Brand vis-à-vis its consumers and employees, an internal / external diagnosis, competitive benchmarks, a behavioral study or even to generate product and service innovation ...
Some personal references :

Industry : Arcadie Sud-Ouest (Cooperative breeders in the meat sector); Debsy International (chemicals); Fermob (garden furniture); Bergerac Seeds & Breeding (agro); BASF (agrochemicals); CGL Pack (food packaging); BIOEX (chemistry); Lightors Battery ...
Public : EASE / Université de Strasbourg
Services : Alunites (Films, Events et Communication 360°) ; Datagri (Société d'études / database)